Dr. Ying Kong - Learning Council Co-Chair                   Dr. Greg Stott - Learning Council Co-Chair


The Learning Council is responsible for the academic policy of the university college and for determining courses or programs to be offered; setting criteria for admissions, examinations, student evaluations, development and course/program evaluation; determining degrees, certificates, and diplomas to be granted; establishing faculties, internal disciplinary jurisdiction; establishing procedures for appeals process; and curriculum development.

The Learning Council is to advise the Governing Council, and the Governing Council must seek advice from the Learning Council, about the following matters: the mission, vision and values of the university college; policies on the qualifications of teaching staff; the terms of an agreement to develop and deliver joint academic programs.

Office of the UCN Tri-Council

The Office of the UCN Tri-Council is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the activities of the Governing Council, and the Council’s standing and ad hoc committees; the Council of Elders; and the Learning Council. The Office provides administrative and advisory services to these bodies and serves as the repository of information and data on all matters relating to the three Councils. The Office provides advice and guidance on jurisdiction, strategy, policy and process.

Tanya Pidskalny
UCN Tri-Council Executive Officer
PO Box 3000
The Pas, Manitoba R9A 1M7
Phone: (204) 627-8649