T2202A forms are issued online by UCN once a year, at the end of February, and cover eligible courses taken and paid for in the previous calendar year. For example, the form issued in February 2018 will cover eligible courses completed in  2017.

SEE BELOW for step-by-step instructions for retrieving your T2202A forms.

Important: If you do not remember your student ID #, please contact the Associate Registrar at 204-627-8520, or toll free at 1-866-627-8500 (ext. 8520).
Instructions for accessing your T2202A slip on ucn.ca
Enter your last name, student ID and birthdate in the spaces provided.
Select the tax year for which you wish to print your T2202A by clicking on the drop-down arrow.
Click “Okay” – please be patient as the request may take a minute or more to complete.
A new screen will pop up with a link in the upper left-hand corner that says “Download T2202A”.
Click on that.
This will bring up a file containing two PDF forms for your T2202A
Click on each to open. One is the front page, and the other is the back page. Once the PDF comes up on your screen, you can save it to a file on your computer or print it for your records.
Should you need to request more than one year of T2202A, it's important to start with a completely fresh request page again. Please click on the Home tab to ensure your previous query has cleared.

If you experience any difficulty or if your T2202A is displaying zero dollar value, please contact Jennifer White within the UCN Finance office at 204-627-8602 or 866-627-8500 (ext. 8602). Jennifer may also be reached at jwhite@ucn.ca