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Welcome to Instructional Services, one of four areas within UCN's Office of Reconciliation, Research & Academic Innovation.

Instructional Services provides quality teaching and learning supports for distance, distributed and technology-mediated courses.

Our goal is to empower faculty, staff and students via informed, thoughtful deployment of instructional best practices and innovative technologies.

Online course design and development are key to our mission. We can work with faculty to determine your needs and arrive at effective ways to leverage technology in online courses or the classroom. We embrace exemplary instructional practices, such as active learning, to maximize student access and success.

You + Learning + Technology

Our goal is to empower faculty, students & staff.

We connect the equipment in your classroom and support your web- and video-conferenced classes — so you can focus on the teaching and learning. We bring knowledge and ideas for making both the live and asynchronous portions of your courses stronger — because students learn more when they're engaged, active, creating. To learn more, download our Guide to Instructional Services (below).



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Design & Pedagogical Support

  • Our learning specialists offer one-on-one consulting in instructional design plus group training in technology skills. They also contribute to policy development and resource acquisition.
  • Visit IS's Kaltura channel for videos on educational technologies and aspects of pedagogy.

Platform Support

  • Our educational technologist manages UCN's learning management system, UCNLearn, and troubleshoots for faculty and students.
  • Our team of learning technology facilitators (LTFs) provide help desk expertise and offer technical backup during live classroom and online sessions.


Key Resources

UCNLearn: a Student's Guide — Self-help guides and resources for faculty and students
An Instructor's Guide to UCNLearn — Videos and PDFs showing how to accomplish a range of activities, communications & assessments in UCN's learning management system 

Recent Readings

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2022-2023 Guide to Instructional Services

The document lays out the services and expertise IS provides in several areas, including:

  • instructional design for online courses;
  • classroom support (physical and online)
  • training in the use of learning technologies;
  • management of UCNLearn, the institution's learning management system;
  • review and selection of suitable learning technologies for the campus community; and,
  • creation of digital learning objects.

2022-2023 Guide to Instructional Services v4 (002).pdf

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Terralyn McKee MEd, GDID, ACC, BSc  
Instructional Specialist




Janet Sainsbury
Educational Developer


Melanie Belmore

Instructional Innovations Specialist



Krystle Paskaruk
Instructional Specialist



Educational Technologist

Tara Lagace

Learning Technologies Facilitator Supervisor




Ishwer Dherdi

Quality Assurance Coordinator







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