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The Indigenous Curriculum Specialist is the primary academic resource within UCN to assist faculty to incorporate Indigenous epistemologies into their professional practice in a variety of ways, including

  • supporting the inclusion of Indigenous content and context, as well as teaching and learning methods and perspectives;
  • mentoring teaching, learning, and research in Indigenous andragogy and related areas, and
  • supporting faculty as they integrate Indigenous worldviews with Western perspectives.

​In addition, the Indigenous Curriculum Specialist will recommend academic structures and processes by which students can experience their post-secondary education in alignment with their own lives, worldviews, and goals.

TRC Conference

The Truth and Reconciliation Gathering Conference is an annual event hosted by the University College of the North (UCN). Since the initial release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report in 2015, the efforts of the Canadian government, educational institutions, community organizations and Canadian have a responsibility within their actions in repairing the harms caused by residential school.  

The conference objectives will 

  • be in accordance with UCN’s mission and vision statement. 
  • adhere to UCN’s 2020-2025 Academic and Research Plan, Reconciliation plan. 
  • ensure that UCN is meeting the Calls to Action as identified by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. 

The conference aims to: 

  • help others gain an understanding on reconciliation and the role that Canadians need to play.  
  • to build and repair relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, communities and organizations. 
  • to express the historical truths of colonization and residential schools and the detrimental impacts it has left on Indigenous peoples and communities. 

Melanie Belmore
Indigenous Projects Manager/Community-based Indigenous Curriculum Specialist
Reconciliation, Research & Academic Innovation
The Pas Campus
(204) 627-8167


Valdine  Alycia
Indigenous Projects Officer/Indigenous Curriculum Specialist
Reconciliation, Research & Academic Innovation
Thompson Campus
(204) 677-6590



Naithan Lagace
Indigenous Curriculum Specialist
Reconciliation, Research & Academic Innovation
The Pas Campus
(431) 278-2099