UCN acknowledges that we are on the traditional territories and homelands of many Indigenous peoples, who have existed here since time immemorial. The First Nations in the area that UCN serves entered into treaty relationships with the Crown and the territory has also become home to other Indigenous peoples. We uphold the treaties and collaborate with all Indigenous  peoples to share truth, reconciliation and learning.
For a more comprehensive statement go to UCN Traditional Territorial Acknowledgement.




As part of the Centre for Learning, Education, and Research (CLEaR), Academic Development is committed to strengthening teaching and supporting research across all UCN programs. The Academic Development Team is UCN’s resource for course and program development and review. Additionally, Academic Development provides leadership and guidance to ensure that Indigenous knowledges and practices are embedded in curriculum, teaching practices, and research.


The work of Academic Development supports:

•          Curriculum development 

•          Indigegogy 

•          Online and classroom teaching



Truth & Reconciliation Action Survey results


A sample of the comments from UCN staff and faculty:


  • Educating myself about the history of the indigenous people and their continuing struggles. I read books and recently started familiarizing myself with the real issues with the Indian Act. I also look at how as an educator, I can help to implement the TRCCalls to actions. - Faculty
  • Ensuring that UCN's Academic and Research Division is appropriately structured and resourced to support reconciliation in research and in the curriculum. I have also ensured that there is a process in place to plan for ongoing activity to advance an agenda for reconciliation. -Management
  • Cree and Inuit have put aside their differences after feuding for centuries. - Bridget, UCN Student
  • I did an interdisciplinary Unit Concept Map to teach K-6 lessons that links Orange Shirt Day with 5 subject areas Arts, ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Science. - Isaac Daniel, UCN Student

To see more of the Comments click here.



Honouring Orange Shirt Day and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30, 2022


Since 2013, September 30 has been commemorated as Orange Shirt DayOrange Shirt Day  is a grassroots movement created by Phyliss Webstad to honour survivors of residential school, their families, and their communities. September 30 is also The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation recognizes the inter-generational harm that the Indian Residential School System caused Indigenous families and their communities and encourages Canadians to educate ourselves for best future action.


During the week of September 26 – September 30 staff and faculty are encouraged to:

  • Review the resources in the attached PDF NDTR Resources 2022
  • Complete the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation course. The 4 Seasons of Reconciliation course was developed by First Nation University of Canada. The course provides foundational knowledge on truth and reconciliation. 4 Seasons of Reconciliation is available to staff and faculty on UCNLearn. See attachment for an overview of the course.
  • Visit the Academic Development Resources page for articles related to reconciliation
  • Attend the following presentations. The presentations are open to all UCN faculty, staff, and students.


Monday, September 26

12:00 – 1:00

Reconciliation Speakers Series 2022-2023

Deconstructing Colonial Practices in the Federal Public Service

Jolene Head


Reconciliation, decolonization, and the use of Indigenous knowledges in the Public Service are explored. The focus is on how Executives, deemed to be positional leaders in the Public Service, can deconstruct colonial practices and take meaningful action toward Reconciliation. Based on the research and data collected from Federal public servants, barriers were identified and recommendations that Executives can implement to become Reconciliation leaders in the Public Service.  Full session description is included in an attachment to this email.


Zoom link:  https://ucn-ca.zoom.us/j/94824548645?pwd=UXhOazMzZlJHRVNUZnYzTUJUcUt2UT09

Meeting ID: 948 2454 8645 Passcode: T&R2022


Monday, September 26

2:00 – 3:00

Discovering a New Path by Unlearning Intergenerational Trauma

Taylor Flett

This presentation will have themes focusing on trauma, family dysfunction, survival and healing. For generations, Indigenous families across Canada have experienced and continue experiencing a collective trauma caused by colonialism known as intergenerational trauma. Breaking away from generational curses is a journey that begins by learning the knowledge behind the trauma other family members experience and will continue to be a place of healing and resilience.


Zoom link:  https://ucn-ca.zoom.us/j/94824548645?pwd=UXhOazMzZlJHRVNUZnYzTUJUcUt2UT09

Meeting ID: 948 2454 8645 Passcode: T&R2022


Tuesday, September 27

11:00 – 12:00

Recovering, Rebuilding and Reconciliation

Dr. Jennie Wastesicoot

Jennie will share my story of recovery and how we can begin working together on rebuilding and reconciliation.  She will also share information about a course, A Study on Truth and Reconciliation. This course was recently approved by UCN and Jennie is teaching this study this term. 


Zoom link:  https://ucn-ca.zoom.us/j/94824548645?pwd=UXhOazMzZlJHRVNUZnYzTUJUcUt2UT09

Meeting ID: 948 2454 8645 Passcode: T&R2022


Wednesday, September28

12:00 – 1:00

The 2% Shift

Sheri-Lyn McPhee

Big changes can happen with small shifts. Make a change, build on it and keep going. Sheri McPhee is the Associate Dean for the Diploma in Practical Nursing Program. Based in Flin Flon, she overseas three sites for DPN  Flin Flon, Swan River & Thompson.  Sheri is a Nurse Practitioner and a KCC (UCN) grad herself. She is committed to the work being done at UCN with Indigenization of curriculum and is making DPN better 2 per cent at a time


Zoom link:  https://ucn-ca.zoom.us/j/94824548645?pwd=UXhOazMzZlJHRVNUZnYzTUJUcUt2UT09

Meeting ID: 948 2454 8645 Passcode: T&R2022





Thursday, October 6

9:00 – 3:30

Learning from Elders at Guy Hill

Academic Development in conjunction with the Council of Elders is planning this event. Members of the Council of Elders and other knowledge keeper will share traditional teachings and local histories with participants. Teaching include: Seven Sacred Teaching, Tipi Teaching, Metis history, Bannock making, and Wahkohtowin.  More information about the event will be provided.


To register – email Tara Bannon at tbannon@ucn.ca


If a faculty member plans to have their class attend, we ask that the faculty member email Tara the list of student names.



CREE NATION TRIBAL HEALTH CENTRE – THE PAS, MB Resolution Health Support Workers & Culture Support Workers: 1-204-627-1539 or 627-1540


If you are a Survivor and need emotional support, a national crisis line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week: Residential School Survivor Support Line: 1-866-925-4419

Emotional, cultural and professional support services are also available to Survivors and their families through the Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program. Services can be accessed on an individual, family or group basis: 1-866-818-350


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Manager, Academic Development


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Quality Assurance Coordinator


Valdine Flaming

Indigenous Projects Officer/Indigenous Curriculum Specialist


Melanie Belmore

Indigenous Projects Manager/Community-based Indigenous Curriculum Specialist


Janet Sainsbury

Educational Developer


Naithan Lagace

Indigenous Curriculum Specialist