Professional Development Series

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What is the PD Series?


The Professional Development Series is focused on pre-employment training curricula designed to help students develop the skills and tools needed to perform job searches, secure work placements and employment, and perform professionally in the workplace.


Through hands-on application exercises, students will gain greater awareness of their employability to support:


A positive and professional attitude

Ethical, accountable and responsible behavior

Flexibility and adaptability

Excellent communication skills

The ability to respond proactively to constructive criticism


Learning Outcomes


The PD Series is based on a nationally recognized  set of pre-employment learning outcomes  intended to support all students participating in pre-employment training as part of their Co-op and/or Work-integrated learning (WIL) program experience in Canada. Participants will:


  • Reflect on their personal characteristics and employability skills
  • Perform an independent job search using networking tools and strategies
  • Develop a resume, cover letter and professional portfolio tailored to their discipline of study
  • Apply appropriate interview skills for an employment interview
  • Consider the role of Health and Safety in the workplace
  • Identify and explore career pathways based on skills and interests


Who can Participate?


The PD Series is open to all interested participants, including the general public, across campus locations. Participation is optional and highly encouraged for all students. Any individual who will be seeking employment and/or will be completing a work placement as part of their program of study will benefit from participation in the PD Series.


When and where is the PD Series held?


For the 2022-2023 academic year, the PD Series will be delivered using two formats–



  • In-Class (on a Faculty request basis)
  • UCN Learn– Online delivery. Complete the PD Series at your own pace, 24/7 on UCN Learn- Learn through interactive learning exercises and resources.


In-Class Delivery Option (FOR UCN FACULTY)


The PD Series is available for virtual & In-class delivery on a request basis, based on availability of seminar facilitators.  The PD Series  pre-employment training curricula may supplement existing program curricula and enhance student engagement in this area of study.  Contact the Centre for Career & Work-Integrated Learning for more information.


Steps to Register


Registration is FREE but REQUIRED. Registration enables you to:

1. Access the session materials

2. Complete the assignment at the end of each session

3. Acknowledge session completion on your UCN transcript


**PROCESSING TIME: Please submit completed registration form  to UCN Enrolment Services a minimum of 10  days  in advance of  any scheduled session(s) you plan to register for.


To register for the 2022-2023 Professional Development Series:

1. Contact Kelly Hause by email:  to  obtain the registration form. You will also be provided with a meeting link should you with to participate in a scheduled “Live” session.

2. Fill out the registration form in its entirety and email it back to Kelly Hause—your form will then be sent to Enrolment Services for processing.

3. Once your registration is processed through Enrolment Services (allow a minimum of 7 days ), you can complete the PD Seminars which you have registered for in either two formats:


· In-Class Delivery— on a request basis from Faculty

·  UCN LearnOnline delivery. Complete the PD Series at your own pace, 24/7 on UCN Learn- Learn through Interactive learning exercises and resources.


Recognition of Participation


The PD Series will provide all participants with foundational knowledge and tools needed to be successful in today’s workplace as well as during a program work placement. As the PD Series is an optional program, we want to recognize those participants who participate on an ongoing basis. As such:


Attendance will be taken at each session; Participants who register and complete a minimum of 10 sessions in the Series, and complete the assigned sessional exercises, will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion.


Participants who have met this criteria will be recognized and receive their Certificate of Completion during National Co-op/WIL Month in March annually.

Seminar Offerings

Currently, the Professional Development Series includes the following seminars listed.

**You must register to complete these sessions**


  • CAREER EXPLORATION (2 hour session)                     EXT.0561
  • COVER LETTERS                                                               EXT.0562
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE & YOU                                          EXT,0563
  • EMPLOYMENT LEGISLATION & YOU                            EXT.0564
  • FORMATTING  YOUR RESUME PT. 1                            EXT.0572
  • HEALTH & SAFETY ON THE JOB                                    EXT.0573
  • INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS                                    EXT.0574
  • INTERVIEWING                                                               EXT.0575
  • JOB SEARCH 101                                                             EXT.0576
  • LINKEDIN 101                                                                  EXT.0577
  • NETWORKING                                                                 EXT.0578
  • PERSONAL BRANDING                                                   EXT.2313
  • PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT                                         EXT.0579
  • PRESENTATION SKILLS                                                    EXT.0592
  • PROFESSIONALISM IN THE WORKPLACE                    EXT.0586
  • SUCCESS IN THE WORKPLACE                                       EXT.0587
  • TIME MANAGEMENT                                                     EXT.0588
  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE                                                     EXT.0589
  •  WRITING AN EFFECTIVE RESUME PT. 2        EXT.0591        

Session Descriptions

Session Descriptions



Unsure of your career options? Exploration isn’t a one size fits all— it is different for everyone!  Participants will explore career profiles, education options and employment resources and build a personal plan using career development software.  Participants will assess work interests, skills, learning preferences and abilities to discover occupations that suit you! **This is a 2-hour session done in consultation with a career advisor.



Upon completion of this seminar, participants will understand the different purposes of a cover letter and understand the essential elements; including how to effectively write a targeted cover letter; how to conduct proper research on the market/industry/company and apply it in your letter; how to validate your skills through examples and understand who your audience is.



In this seminar, participants will learn what exceptional customer service is, , how to project a customer-friendly image, and how to handle difficult customers. Participants will be able to define customer service as it pertains to their job and explain why customer service is important to the workplace.



Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be familiar with employment standards that govern both unpaid and paid employer-employee relations in matters of employee health, safety and well-being.



This seminar is focused on resume formats and participants will determine the most effective format for their resume and skill set. Participants will practice tailoring their resume to a specific job, learn formatting tricks and create a draft resume as part of the seminar.




Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to review safe work procedures and become familiar with basic practices to ensure their safety on the job while ensuring  a healthy workplace environment.



Participants will learn what an informational interview is and how to conduct one. The differences between a job interview and an informational interview will also be discussed; learn how an informational interview will help you prepare for your career!



Participants will apply their knowledge of how to prepare and structure answers for different types of interviews. Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to communicate their skills, knowledge and interests in an interview; understand what the employer is looking for and how to tailor answers accordingly; and know how to present your personal brand in an interview setting. Importance of professionalism in dress, body language and image will also be discussed.


JOB SEARCH 101– EXT.0576

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will apply some best practices through each stage of the job search process. Each stage of the job search process will be explored and participants will apply a variety of strategies to conduct a successful search.


LINKEDIN 101– EXT.0577

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will use LinkedIn effectively for networking purposes. Participants will build an effective profile and learn how to make connections, join groups, follow companies, and search for jobs as well as strategies to leverage this social networking platform to connect to your professional community and explore careers options.



This seminar is designed to  develop understanding around the value of networking in your career. Participants will learn about what networking is, where to establish networks, why its important, who to network work with and how. Learn great conversation starters and questions  to ask at networking career events.



Participants will learn why having a personal brand is important to every aspect of the job search and spend time exploring their unique selling points. This seminar will discuss how to communicate and market oneself in ones resume, cover letter, interviews and networking.



Participants will learn what a portfolio is, the benefits of having one, and the types of portfolios. Using a portfolio in career planning and interview preparation will also be discussed. Design tips will also be discussed.



Oral communication is an essential workplace skill.  Whether you have to deliver an oral presentation for class, a job interview or the workplace, this session will give you tips on organizing your information, using visual aids, and practicing presentation delivery.



What does professionalism in the workplace look like? What behaviors and attitudes do you possess or need to improve to transition successfully into the workplace? This session will discuss the characteristics of professionalism, as identified by employers, for today’s workplace. Participants will reflect on their own behaviors and attitudes while exploring: professionalism on campus, appearance and attire, communication, personal interaction, work ethic, motivation and social media presence.



This seminar is focused on understanding how to collaborate with others in the workplace through application of various “soft” skills (i.e. active listening, empathy, etc.). Exploration of employability skills, essential skills and customer service skills desired by today’s employers will be discussed; lifelong learning and work-life balance will also be explored.



Are your time management habits enabling or hindering your success?  This session will discuss self-management tips that will enable you to manage your time more effectively.  Participants will complete various exercises to establish personal goal setting, time awareness and time tracking, and overcome procrastination.



In this seminar, participants will reflect on their values, priorities and life circumstances to define what work/life balance means for them. Participants will assess their own balance wheel to identify strategic actions to improve balance at work, at home, and at school.



Participants will learn what the different sections of a resume are, how to organize them strategically and how to target the content of your resume for the job or organization you are applying for. This seminar will also discuss how to highlight relevant transferable skills acquired through work and volunteer experiences.








Useful information, tools that you can use in an actual job setting. -Student


Helped me put together a more professional resume than I was able on my own, wording things properly and more thoroughly. I now feel more confident in writing a good cover letter. All the information was very helpful and was presented in way that was comfortable and easy to understand.     



“showed me hands on how to get started”



I discovered that I have more skills then I thought I did. It gave me the ability to be more creative.                  

  - Student


Helped me with my students and how to relate some of the material for them .

-UCN Faculty member