Workplace Safety and Health Representative represent members of staff from all departments, faculty, as well as the student body; and work as a liaison between staff, students and management. The public can also contact reps to let them know of any safety and health issues. Staff members and students can forward any safety and health issues to their reps who will meet at regular intervals to address safety and health problems.

When does an issue get elevated to the WPS&H Committee?

Forward the issue or concern to the WPS&H Committee if:
1) the issue was reported to the supervisor and no action was done in a timely manner to correct the safety concern;
2) the safety issue is due to existing policies, procedures or practices; and
3) the safety issue is of a scope that needs to be addressed by establishing new policies, procedures or practices.


Mark Molyneaux Director of Facilities, Ancilliary Services, Workplace Safety & Health - Management Co-Chair
Del Shand Information Technology - Worker Co-Chair
Paul Simpson Workplace Safety & Health Manager
Gary Melko Dean of Trades and Technology
Camille Bertholet MGEU Representative
Laurie Williamson UCN Housing Manager
Selvin Peter Arts, Science and Science
Vacant Academics
Geri Knudson Human Resources
Leah Yelland Library
Megan Boscow Health
Tara Manych  
Brenda Henderson Facilities, Ancillary Services, Workplace Safety & Health (recorder)
Grant King AMD Facility Manager
David Govan AMD